The consortium "Belresursy" was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of October 7, 1996 No 401 , in order to increase the efficiency of the wholesale trade of material resources, and to ensure organizations of the republic the supply of goods for state needs . By Presidential Decree of January 29, 2007 No 53 to the consortium "Belresursy" was given the name of the State —ommercial-and-Production Association "Belresursy" (hereinafter GO "Belresursy").
At present, GO "Belresursy" consists of 21 organizations, including 12 wholesale and 9 industrial.
According to the Presidential Decree of January 29, 2007 No 53 "On some questions about the transformation of material resources Belarusian consortium" activity goals of the GO "Belresursy " are wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing work of industrial-technical production - consumer goods, rendering of services that are not prohibited by law, in accordance with its statutes and other laws.
       State Union " Belresursy " is a commercial organization that performs:
  • overall direction, management and coordination of the activities of the legal entities that are part of this organization, and the representation of their interests;
  • participation in the development and implementation of state programs for the development and improvement of the wholesale trade, the creation of wholesale markets and commodity distribution network abroad;
  • marketing organization of the material, released from the Armed Forces, other troops, military units and paramilitary organizations of the Republic of Belarus;
  • organizational functions of the administration of state purchases of goods included in the list specified by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus , provided there is a decision-making by the customer to transfer to the GO "Belresursy " administration functions of such purchases.
  • coordination of overturn of particular goods (import, wholesale trade) according to the list specified by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

Wholesale trade of metal production is one of the main activities of the GO "Belresursy".
The percentage of GO "Belresursy" organizations' participation "Belresursy" in metal production deliveries to the Republic of Belarus at the non-transit market is 16.5 percent. Among the major metal production importers GO "Belresursy" ranks 3rd in the Republic of Belarus. The percentage of GO "Belresursy" organizations in the total volume of chemical production deliveries to the Republic of Belarus amounted to 10.13 per cent, of the bearings - to 2.5 percent.

       The main activity of the State Union system is the wholesale trade ( 88.5 per cent of sales of goods, products, works , services) . Apart from the wholesale trade, organizations that are part of the GO   "Belresursy " perform retail trade ( 2.1 percent ) , sell their own products (6.3 percent ) , do work and render different types of services (3.1 percent).
The storage complexes (specialized and universal) on the balance of GO "Belresursy" are located in Minsk, in all regional centers and many provincial centers of the country and have the necessary equipment for the storage conversion and processing of metal production, chemicals, construction materials, mechanical engineering, electrical and other products.
State —ommercial-and-Production Association "Belresursy"     Republic Belarus, Minsk, Kazinca str, 4   tel. +37517 398-60-81  fax +37517 398-75-16