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JSC "Belreahim"

wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing fertilizing mixtures of galvanized steel products, services for warehousing, chemical reagents for laboratories and production, personal protective equipment, protective clothing, laboratory glassware, porcelain, plastics, laboratory equipment and materials, products made of galvanized steel, a mixture of chlorine-free fertilizing, transporting cargo

220103, Belarus, Minsk, ul. Kalinowski, 6, room 11
+37517 283-04-45
JSC "Belhim"

wholesale trade, production of inorganic acids (inhibited acid) activities associated with the turnover of ethyl alcohol, the activity in the field of industrial safety (transportation of dangerous goods)

220048, Belarus, Minsk, Korolya st, 34
+375 (17) 200 36 28
+375 (17) 200 51 86
JSC "Gomelhimtorg"

wholesale products production - technical purposes,
Chemicals, Paints and varnishes
Rubber products
Building materials

246010, Belarus, Gomel, Mogilevskaya st, 20
+375 (232) 54-99-58
+375 (232) 98 89 44
JSC "Trading House Brody"
Wholesale of chemical products;
Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment;
wholesale paper products (cardboard sheets, wrapping paper);
Wholesale of household goods;
wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco;
Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment;
storage and warehousing;
Freight transport by road

212021, Belarus, Mogilev, ul. Altaiskaya, 4a
+375222 46-55-58
+375222 45-01-90
JSC "Minskkontrakt"
building materials, hardware and locks and hardware products, lumber, wood products (MDF, hardboard, particle board, plywood, etc.), equipment, building materials, tools, bearings, paint materials, chemical products, rubber products, consumer goods (detergents, paper products and stationery, household goods, electrical products, electrical lighting equipment and lamps, furniture, textiles and garments, clothing and footwear, tobacco, alcoholic beverages

220088, Belarus, Minsk, ul. Smolenskaya, 25
+375 (17) 294 00 02
+375 (17) 290 91 61
JSC "Belmetall"
wholesale trade in metal
transportation and storage services
Customs services
skladaproizvodstvennye services
brokerage services
metal products in stock
Net Mason
Steel cables
Welded Chain
construction tools

220075, Belarus, Minsk, Partizanskiy pr, 174
+375 (17) 344-87-71
+375 (17) 344-30-52
JSC "Baranovichimetallopttorg"
wholesale and retail trade in metal and metal products, related products (building materials, tires, batteries, tool)
metal fabrication (entrance and garage doors, grilles, gates, stair railings, doors burglar, equipment for children's playgrounds, containers for household waste, non-standard equipment) to order from drawings and pictures client
services for the storage, loading and unloading of materials in warehouses closed and open, road freight services (5-20 tons.) in Belarus and CIS

225320, Belarus, BARANOVICHY, Clonimskoe road, 1 km of
+375 (163) 10.08.44
+375 (163) 44-10-95
JSC "Gorecki ORTK"

wholesale and retail trade
213410, Belarus, Mogilev region, Gorky, Lenin st, 24.
+375 (2233) 5-85-56
+375 (2233) 5-85-57
+375 (2233) 5-85-59
JSC "Vitebskoblresursy"
wholesale and retail trade Construction material, paint and metal products
facilities for the storage and processing of goods (the cities of Vitebsk, Orsha, Novopolotsk)
transportation services

210605, Belarus, Vitebsk,. Leningradskaya st, 193A
+375 (212) 35-69-60
+375 (212) 35-60-70
+375 (212) 35-51-21
+375 (212) 35-56-46
JSC "Grodnoopttorg"
wholesale metal products and other goods
retail trade of industrial and domestic purposes

230001, Belarus, Grodno, st.Lososno
+375 (0152) 52-46-01
+375 (0152) 55-40-63
JSC "Mogilevoblresursy"
a wide range of steel products;
tube and pipe components, including the petrochemical industry;
bearings, tools, chains for engineering and agriculture;
all types of building materials, including roof;
chemical and paint products, including raw materials for industrial processes;
paper, cardboard, paper products manufacturing;
consumer goods;
clothing, footwear, gloves, gloves, including for use in aggressive environments;
Woodworking (boards, beams, moldings, paneling, trim, and other products, wooden packaging (boxes, pallets));
clothing (overalls, gloves, bedding and other products);
processing of bitumen waste (product powder organo (secondary bitumen) that is used as road construction or roofing material).
Collection and processing of secondary material resources;
rent (storage, office space and open areas);
freight forwarding services;
wood processing, including cutting.

212040, Belarus, Mogilev, ul. Zalutsky, 23
+375 (222) 45 98 16
+375 (222) 47 84 25
+375 (222) 47 85 37
+375 (222) 42 69 34
+375 (222) 46 01 49
+375 (222) 42 69 68
+375 (222) 45 91 67
RUP "Belspetskontrakt"
implementation of released material resources of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus
220099, Belarus, Minsk, ul. Kazintsa 2, room 604
+375 17 224 33 61
+375 17 278 06 97
+375 17 224 88 05
+375 17 224 33 61
JSC "Belvtorpolimer"
Manufacture of products of industrial and domestic purposes;
Polymer recycling;
Mold making, tooling, non-standard equipment;
Lease of property;
Providing services for the transport of goods. retail trade through a network of factory shops

230003, Belarus, Grodno, Skidelsky Highway 20
+375 (152) 99-11-60
+375 (152) 99-11-33
JSC "Brestoblresursy"
production of container
harvesting of secondary raw materials: waste paper, plastic waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, rubber waste
wholesale and retail trade of a wide range of products: building materials, metal and pipes, lumber, abrasive materials. household chemical goods Household
Grinding endless tapes
grinding wheels
Abrasive grinding rolls and rolls
tapes and discs for grinding floor polishers
grinding head (MAZ)
grinding wheels vitrified (MAZ)
body tumbling to vibroobrabotki
32 PE pressure pipes made of polyethylene (SDR 9-20 * 2,3, 13,6-32 * 2,4, 13,6-40 * 3)
cement, slag cement - 400

224025, Belarus, Brest,. Katin Bor, 107
+375 (162) 29 81 21
JSC "Belpromtara"
three-layer corrugated cardboard production brand TB, TB-21, TB-22, TB-23 and 1-24, including material from the Customer;
production of packaging and packaging of any complexity from corrugated board with color printing, including material from the Customer;
production and wholesale maslotary of cardboard;
harvesting and primary processing of waste paper, waste plastic, foil and glass from businesses, organizations and people
transport services (freight) in RB, cars MAZ capacity ZtniYutn, 35 m and 70 m
services to lease space in the cities: Baranovichi Vilejka, Minsk and Slutsk

220024, Belarus, Minsk, Babushkina st, 22
+375 17 291 83 10
JSC "Fanipolsky RMZ"
Metal products for road construction, repair, construction, housing and construction and concrete
Containers of various modifications (for the collection of solid waste, PET bottles, trays, containers for storing vegetables, etc.) Litter boxes and litter; Garage Doors (individual orders), greenhouses, doors, gates, fences, boxes for gas cylinders; Transition decking (bridges) Fences staircases, railings, balcony railings and grilles; Wardrobe; Fence poles, tanks, billboards, fixtures, Promtehosnastka, Mortgages and other products for construction projects; racks, tables assembly, elements for playgrounds, d / gardens, schools (swings, roundabouts, slides, benches) Packaging metal, roofs to shelter from the weather
Production of metal products of any complexity
Metalworking service
welding works of any complexity
Mechanized cutting of sheet metal (flame cutting carbon steel and cast iron storage)
polymer coating

222750, Belarus, Dzerzhinsky District, Fanipol, st. Zavodskaya, 4
+375 (17) 212-10-43
+375 (17) 212-04-28
+375 (1716) 7-31-56
+375 (1716) 7-18-82
+375 (1716) 7-19-62

JSC "Chermetremont"
manufacture and repair of industrial equipment:
shears for scrap metal processing presses for baling waste paper; grapples mechanical, electromechanical, hydraulic, double-walled tanks, installation sorting chips, non-standard equipment and metal and spare parts for pressing and crane equipment
services for installation, commissioning and maintenance of hydraulic equipment, cranes, hydraulic manipulators;
the re-equipment automotive equipment with the installation of hydraulic manipulator;
service restoration (cladding, machining of) large-sized units and components used;
repair services for freight eletromagnitov, electric motors;
diagnosis of metal taps NDT (radiographic, ultrasonic, capillary testing)

223017, Belarus, Minsk region, p.Gatovo
+375 (17) 503-42-27
+375 (17) 503-41-81
+375 (17) 294-79-41
JSC "Elektrum"
development, production, installation and maintenance of:
access restrictions
automatic fire-alarm voice
wired inside of the object-relation
decontamination and cleaning of indoor air

220099, Belarus, Minsk, ul.Kazintsa 4a
+375 (17) 278 20 09
+375 (17) 207 07 49
+375 (17) 207-07-51

State ommercial-and-Production Association "Belresursy"     Republic Belarus, Minsk, Kazinca str, 4   tel. +37517 398-60-81  fax +37517 398-75-16